3 Christmas Dresses 3 Different Occassions

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 12/11/19, 11:13 am
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The year has passed very quickly and the Christmas season is almost here. Just like every year, in addition to buying gifts, the biggest difficulty is deciding what Christmas dress to wear to all the festive celebrations. Finding the perfect Christmas dress is not always easy because we often have multiple Christmas celebrations such as work Christmas parties, traditional family celebrations, and Christmas celebrations with friends. With so many different celebrations - which Christmas dress should we choose for each one? 

I have created 3 outfits for you, which are all perfectly made for each of the Christmas celebrations you may encounter! Plus they all expertly embody the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Office Party

This Christmas dress and look is the perfect elegant and feminine combination that is great for office Christmas parties. The deep emerald color is similar to the rich green color of 
Christmas trees and the fur jacket adds the right amount of extra to a simple outfit. Style it with simple black ankle boots and a delicate clutch for a minimal yet showstopping outfit. This office Christmas dress will surely bring you some compliments. 

Green Christmas trees

Family Christmas Celebrations

Heading home is one of the best parts of Christmas. The Christmas season is great for a lot of things but its best aspect is that it is time to spend quality time with our loved ones. We look forward to spending time in a cosy home in our familiar surrounds that remind us of our childhood. 

The hard part is deciding what Christmas dress is best for this occasion. We want our family to be impressed by our style but we don't want to dress too crazy as to shock our grandparents from their old fashioned ways. The best Christmas dress option is the puffer sleeve dress! This is super trendy and fashionable and offers the best of both worlds. A high neckline so that it not too revealing, but also a deep red color and some glitter to ensure it is festive! 

Style it with a classic velvet headband and a pair of heels for the perfect family outfit that will delight every member.

Christmas presents under a tree

Cozy Party With Friends 

Celebrating Christmas with friends is all about being both comfortable and well-styled. The silver dress embodies elegance and class, while still showing Christmas spirit, which makes it the ideal Christmas dress! The silver flats give the look a Christmas feel while being casual and comfortable, which is the perfect touch for a cozy Christmas with friends. The silver necklace and nude handbag are the perfect finishing touches to the look.

With this outfit, you are well prepared for a nice, festive night out with friends! 

nakupni stredisko

I hope you are feeling inspired by these 3 Christmas dresses. They are all very different but perfectly fit the different occasions around the Christmas season. Let the Christmas spirit and elegance shien through you this season with these Christmas dresses.

Happy holidays! 

Love SamanthaSamantha Hinterbrandner

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