4 luxury fashion brands men love in India

By Sandra Ozarin | Ads Disclosure | 29/09/22, 11:53 am
4 luxury fashion brands men love in India
As the luxury potential grows in India, casual yet sophisticated looks have been all the rage.

As the preferred styles for men have shifted into luxury in recent years, let us help you find inspiration with this list of most liked luxury brands for men!

Luxury brands have found a home in India throughout the years. From Gucci to HUGO BOSS, many have opened establishments across the country and high-end brands are eyeing this market with a renewed vision and passion for the Indian taste in fashion

The luxury potential in India has increased a lot and the trends for men have been shifting into more sophisticated yet casual looks, from going to the home to having a relaxed day with your family. Long gone are the days where movie stars alone stated what was in fashion and what wasn’t. Fashion these days isn’t just about the clothes, but expressing that you’re comfortable in your own skin. Indian men have a taste for classics such as Ermenegildo Zegna, and appreciate craftsmanship and quality, that’s why Michael Kors is such a hit.

Given the variety of brands out there, it’s often difficult to decide where to invest in order to find the perfect piece you’re looking for. If that’s your concern, we’re glad you found us! Let us guide you through this list of luxury brands, whether you’re looking to start your designer collection or just to elevate your style, here are all the signature luxe brands.


Globally, Gucci has been recognized as ‘’the hottest luxury brand online’’, for the second consecutive year. From high-quality clothing to accessories and shoes, the Indian market is in love with this brand’s pieces. A pair of Gucci shoes or the infamous Gucci belt will add the final touch to all your outfits. Although the price range of Gucci products is quite high, this will be an investment in your wardrobe since you’ll find yourself wearing these pieces for the years to come!

4 luxury fashion brands men love in India
Gucci has been one of the most loved brand by Indian men in recent years, as well as the most famous brand online.


Fashionable essentials, suits that are perfect for the conference room or for a formal evening, HUGO BOSS embodies elegance. Available since 2016 in India and with two stores in New Delhi and Mumbai, HUGO BOSS offers a wide range of products at many price points, so we know you’ll be able to find something you’ll love! We know one of their biggest hits among men of all ages are the HUGO BOSS t-shirts, while being affordable their quality is top-notch and they come in a wide size range and colours for all skin tones.

4 luxury fashion brands men love in India
The mix of traditional with high-end casual pieces has been the favourite among men recently.


This iconic British luxury brand has been innovating in recent years, coming out with casual pieces for younger men and street style fans. With four stores across India, it’s one of the most discussed luxury brands since the politician Rahul Ghandi wore the infamous ‘’Rs 41k Burberry t-shirt’’ with all the backlash it received. Burberry’s t-shirts and polos are one of their main selling products over the world, being a men’s favourite since the 70s.


A favourite among celebrities, Balenciaga is set to be launched very soon in India. If you are a fan of casualwear we highly recommend you to check Balenciaga shoes, we know you’ll be breaking necks with these! Being the forefront of fashion innovation, Balenciaga clothes will make you feel like a rock star, perfect to wear for a casual day with your friends.

4 luxury fashion brands men love in India
Balenciaga shoes have been a world's favourite since they came out due to their style and comfiness.
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