Bra Style Guide | Types of Bra Styles Explained

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 22/01/20, 7:00 am
Bra Styled Explained

There is no better feeling than finding a bra that fits you like a glove. 

However, a supportive, cute, and comfortable bra is pretty hard to find. Especially because women's bodies change very often and their bra size can change up to 6 times in their life. This makes it difficult to stick to one main cup size and band size for every bra you own. Some women find bra shopping very frustrating because of this and are very hesitant to purchase new bras.

But, bra shopping doesn't have to be stressful!

The key to making it easier is understanding all the bras available and what they are best for. Today I'll give you the down-low on all the bras on the market and help you find your perfect match. 

Bra Styles Explained 

1. Push Up Bras

Women's push up bras do exactly as the name suggests they gently push your breasts upwards to give a little extra cleavage. They are padded at the bottom of the cup which is what gives the bra the push-up effect and you can find push up bras with gentle, moderate, or extreme push up levels so finding one that fits your desires is more than achievable. This is a great bra for comfort and giving you a ton of confidence. 

Best for wearing with low cut dresses or tops.

2. Padded Bras

A padded bra is a bra type every woman needs! They are lightly padded so that our nipples don't show through your clothing and usually have either no or a light underwire. What's great about padded bras is that they come in a ton of different styles and shapes. Finding the perfect neckline, style and fit to go under your clothing is more than achievable. 

Best for wire-free all-day comfort. 

3. T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras are a wardrobe staple. They are the perfect bra that fits seamlessly under t-shirts and body-hugging clothing. Plus they seamless and gently support your bust while not being over the top. You can find t-shirt bras in strapless, plunge and other styles too!

Best for wearing with T-shirts. 

4. Strapless Bras 

Just as the name suggests, a women's strapless bra is a bra without straps. This is the perfect option if you are wearing an outfit that is also strapless or if you want to keep your shoulders clean without those messy-looking bra straps. With this type of bra, it is really important to get the right brand fit. If it is too tight it will be uncomfortable, and too loose will make it fall down. A good tip is to find one with a silicone rim so that it sticks better to your skin.

Best for strapless dresses or tops. 

5. Bralette 

Bralettes are typically unlined, unpadded, and wire-free. They are not only very comfortable for women of all sizes but are also are the perfect versatile bra option. Bralettes are a very cute and fashionable style of bra and look great peeking out from under your top, or as a fashion piece in themselves. You can wear a lacey bralette with a mesh top and make it a standout piece that is classy yet different.

Best for comfort and Fashion. 

6. Racerback Bras 

If you want to hide your bra straps but don't want to commit to wearing a strapless bra all day, a racerback is for you! Racerback bras have straps that cross in the back which is great for hiding them away in certain styles of tops. You can find racerbacks in all styles, push up, padded, and even bralettes! 

Best for hiding bra straps while maintaining full support. 

7. Sports Bra 

Sports bras come in all different styles and shapes, but the one thing they have in common is keeping you supported during all types of sports. These bras have a ton of stretch, compress your breasts, and minimize bounding. They also wick sweat and are made with breathable fabrics so you don't overheat during your workout.

Best for working out. 

8. Stick-On Bras 

Are you wearing a backless and strapless top but still want the support of a bra? The best option for this is a sticky bra! This type of bra only covers your breasts and is held on just by the sticky coating that surrounds the bra. This is the perfect option so you don't feel too exposed and so that you get a little bit of coverage and support. 

Best for backless and strapless outfits. 

9. Balconette Bra 

Balconette bras have a very popular shape that is more rounded and offers less coverage than a full cup bra style. This provides a gentle lift and a more round look to the bust. On this bra, the straps are further apart and join at the side of the cups which gives it a dainty and delicate look. 

Best for staying hidden under wide neck tops. 

10. Long Line Bras 

Longline bras are the perfect combination of functionality and practicality. The fabric extends from the bust to further down the rib cage on this bra which has a slimming effect on the waist. 

Best for creating a slimming effect with your bra. 

11. Non-Wried Bra 

If you are craving that feeling of a braless chest but aren't feeling bold enough to go without a bra then you need a non-wired bra. This type of bra has no underwire in it to give you that gentle support and push but still keeps everything in place. 

Best for a soft natural fit. 

12. Nursing Bra 

Nursing bras, also know also maternity bras, are made to support women through pregnancy and beyond. They have drop-down cups and flex wires so they are flexible and can help women get through nursing. 

Best for pregnant and new mothers. 

With this guide in hand, you are well on your way to finding the perfect bra for you.

Be sure to use this "Bra Styles Explained" as a handbook to guide your next bra purchase and use it to determine the one that's best suited for you! 

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