Trendy College Outfits Under RS. 3.5k

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 23/10/19, 8:25 am
Trendy College Outfits Under RS. 3.5k

If you are a student you know the struggle of wanting all the most fashionable clothing, but it just not fitting in your budget. It can be a struggle, but we want to help you! If you look hard enough and spend some time searching you can find high-fashion and trendy clothing, without the high prices. And we know there is nothing better than finding good college outfits at even better prices.

We have searched long and hard for you so you can spend all your time studying for your future. With our searches, we have come up with 5 college outfits under RS. 3.5k that are very on-trend. 

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you study hard and do well in your studies. We want the best for you, and we hope that creating these budget-friendly outfits is helpful for you! 

5 College Outfits Under RS 3.5k

College Outfit Number #1

This look is great for everyday wear! If you have a busy day full of classes and group meetings you want to be comfortable while still looking cute. And this is the look for that. The combination of light wash jeans, a casual top, and black sneakers is ultra-stylish and college appropriate. Plus the sleek black rucksack is great for carrying around a laptop or books. 

This whole outfit costs ₹ 3,261! Which is a great price for a full outfit. Plus each piece can be worn with other outfits, creating a variety of looks.

College Outfit #2

This outfit is a little more flirty and playful, but still great for college. Wearing a dress automatically makes it look like you've put more effort into your look and dresses are so easy! We love putting a pair of sheer stockings under a dress when the weather starts to cool down so the dress can transition through the seasons.

The total cost of this outfit is ₹3,206! Such a low cost for a high fashion and trendy look that is a great college outfit. This outfit is also paired with a laptop bag instead of a rucksack, in case you want to carry light. 

College Outfit #3

This is the classic school girl look but with a modern twist. The checkered skirt is a fancy looking item that already makes the outfit look expensive. While the gray top and ankle boots tone it down so it isn't too high end for the classroom. The top for this look is also a bodysuit so you don't have to continually tuck it in throughout the day. 

The total cost of this look is ₹3,441! Although, it looks well over this low cost. We love that this look appears to be expensive but it is very budget-friendly. You can also mix and match these items to create new looks with other pieces. If you are wearing this as a winter college outfit put some leggings under the skirts and a small jacket over the top and you are set. 

College Outfit #4

This outfit is a mix of casual and cute. The flowy skirt offers a girly and flirty feel and the bodysuit is perfect for tucking in and being school appropriate. This paired with some sandals and a brown oversized tote bag is a great college outfit. The look is both practical and you will be comfortable sitting through hours of classes, but also super cute in case you run into anyone important. 

The total cost of this look is ₹3,306! Well priced and fashion-forward is hard to find so take advantage of it. This look can also be transitioned into the winter season with some boots and a jacket. 

College Outfit #5

Outfit number 5 is casually chic and offers style while not losing any comfort. What we love most about this outfit is that everything matches in a subtle yet perfect way. And who doesn't love when their outfit is perfectly color-coordinated? 

The best thing about this look is that the jeans dress it down, while the button-up shirt gives it a classy and dressed up feel. It really is the perfect combination. These clothing items paired with a black and white rucksack and some sneakers are the ultimate college comfort, stylish look.

This whole outfit costs ₹3,261! Which is a great deal for four outfit pieces that will last you long beyond the semester! 

It may seem impossible to find a complete outfit for under ₹ 3.5k but with the proper tools and some hard searching, it can be done! What is most important to remember is that a budget outfit doesn't have to look like a budget outfit, and you don't have to sacrifice style to save money! 

Take some inspiration for the outfits above and maybe even pick up some of the pieces that you like. Or search through the Fashiola website and find some budget gems for yourself. 

Happy Hunting! 

Love SamanthaSamantha Hinterbrandner

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