A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 30/12/19, 9:47 am
A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

2019 is coming to an end, but the amazing fashion trends and developments of the year are far from over. Like most years the hottest and best trends carry over to the next year(s) and evolve into something new. However, before the new year begins it is nice to look over all the hottest fashion trends 2019 gave us and reflect on another amazing year of fashion.

This New Year we are ending a decade and heading into the '20s! I cannot wait to see what the next years bring us in fashion trends and styles. There is no way in knowing what's to come, and that is super exciting for all us fashion lovers!

Let's check out these hot fashion trends 2019 gave us and decide which ones we want to bring forward with us to 2020. 

Hottest Fashion Trends 2019 Blessed Us With 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236


Blazers are one of the stand out trends of 2019 that have been widely adopted. Prior to 2019 blazers were reserved for business professionals and thought of as an unfashionable clothing item. However, now they are worn by almost everyone and in a ton of different ways. From oversized blazers to matching blazer and pants combinations, to blazer dresses, there is no shortage of styles to try out.

This is a trend I LOVE! It is so classy and makes any outfit look sophisticated in seconds. This trend will extend into 2020 and I could not be more excited. 

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts were a 2019 trend that took us all a little bit by surprise. But if the Kardashians wear them, they have to be trendy, right? Well, this was a trend that is still quite polarizing .. you either love it or you hate it. I think when worn tastefully biker shorts can be trendy and fashion-forward.

This trend is one that I think can be left in 2019. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Animal Prints

Animal prints are a print that has always come and gone in fashion. And in 2019 they were on! This year you could find animal prints on every clothing item imaginable, from shoes to shirts to dresses to handbags, an animal print was present. I love animal print and think its a very fun way to add something more to your look. 

However, this trend might have lived its life in 2019, and 2020 will bring something new and exciting. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Lace-Up Boots & Dresses

Lace-up boots made a come back in 2019 and the way they were styled took a turn into something we haven't seen in previous years. This year biker boots were styled with flowy skirts and dresses in a very diverse and interesting combination. I love this edgy yet girly look and think it is a super interesting style to try.

This trend is welcome to cross over to 2020. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Puffed Shoulders

In 2019 many shirts, tops, and jackets supported the puffed shoulder trend. Where you could find the shoulders with extra volume making them puffed out. This is a very high fashion clothing addition that automatically makes a look runway ready.

I find this trend looks best when styled minimally and the sleeves are the focus. It only just become popular towards the end of the year, so it is welcome to carry over into 2020. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Neon Clothing & Accessories 

Forget the soft neutral colors, 2019 brought us vibrant, bright neon colors to wear and accessorize with. This was a shocking fashion trend 2019 gave us. The bright colors being worn during all hours of the day, and no only to festivals in the night was different indeed. But it was exciting to see so much color and excitement in clothing.

This was a bold trend in 2019, and I don't think it will be as hot in 2020.

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Bucket Hats 

Bucket hats were one of the most shocking trends of 2019. They came out of nowhere and turned from a lame hat to something trendy and to be desired. They still give off a more quirky look but they are very on-trend.

These hats only recently become trendy and they will continue to be in 2020. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Mini Handbags 

Tiny handbags are everything! There is no cuter accessory than a mini handbag, and for such a small accessory it makes quite a large statement. This trend started with many designers creating tiny handbags but it has become a widespread trend now! 

I am obsessed with this trend and would love to see more of it in the New Year. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236


Utility jumpsuits are the hottest jumpsuit trend of the year. They are high fashion while still being comfortable and like nothing we've seen in previous years.

This trend is one that will extend and grow even more prominent in 2020. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Tiny Sunglasses

Thin sunglasses are not the most practical sunglasses, but they sure do look good! In 2019 this trend exploded and become the hottest sunglasses to own. I love all the thin and angular shapes they come in think they are super cute. 

This is a trend that will stick around for a while. 

A Year in Review | Fashion Trends 2019-236

Hair Clips 

Hair clips took 2019 by storm and everyone started wearing the cutest and most unique styles. From pearl clips to clips with words and much more you can find them all. This is the perfect accessory to add something unique to your look and subtle yet noticeable detail.

I love this trend and want it to continue into 2020, but this one might be over soon. 

White Chunky sneakers

At no other time have white sneakers been more popular than in 2019. This was the go-to shoe for every woman as it goes with everything and looks super cute. Also, the chunkier the sneaker the better in 2019. 

I think white sneakers will stay in style, but the chunky ones will stay in 2019. 

The fashion trends 2019 gave us were something to remember. I love some of the trends of the year and didn't love others. 

It is time to bring some of these trends into 2020, and leave some others in 2019.

Happy New Year! Let's see what this decade brings us. 

Love SamanthaSamantha Hinterbrandner

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