7 Great gifts for men that he will actually wear

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 19/11/19, 8:09 am
7 Great Christmas gift ideas for men he will actually wear

It’s not always easy to find gifts for guys that he will actually wear, but these great gifts for men will make it very hard for him not to. Steer away from that classic gift rotation of socks and boxer shorts and get him something a little more unique, but not too bold to risk he won’t actually wear it. 

Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend, husband, dad, stepdad or that guy you totally friend-zoned; these gifts are all fail-proof. I’ve made sure not to choose items that are a bit risky when it comes to fit and style. A pair of sunglasses or jeans, for example, are a no go to me, as there’s a good chance they won’t fit or suit him and we all know it’s too awkward to admit and we don’t end up really returning the gift. So for the sake of stopping clothing waste let’s get those good men in our lives (yes they do exist) what they deserve and will wear for all of the new year and more.  

1. A Smart Watch

Smartwatches are no longer just gadgets for the geeky. Nowadays you can track your goals, send yourself reminders and monitor your sleep, but make it look like you’re just wearing any other cool looking watch. Iconic watch brands like Skagen, Fossil and Armani have revived the touchscreen accessory with a sartorial feel. You’ll find watches with classy leather straps and more rugged ones with stainless steel straps, either way, I’m sure you’ll find a classic one for that special guy.  

2. Sneakers

There’s always a pair he just can’t shut up about, a pair you’ll usually think are a little too pricey but it’s Christmas, 'Tis the season of giving after all. Perhaps Asics Kayano, Hi-Tec Silver Shadow or Karhu rings a bell? If you’re dating a sneakerhead, you know how happy a fresh pair of kicks can make him. 

If he’s not so fussed with the latest sneaker drops, he will love a pair that has a minimal design. In that case, you could have a look at the iconic designs of brands like Converse and Vans. But for something a little more unique get a pair of sleek leather sneakers with minimal to no details from more niche brands like Common Projects.  

3. Cashmere goodies

I cannot tell you enough how good cashmere is as a present. That instant touch of softness when you rip apart that wrapping paper will send warm fuzziness straight to his heart. Cashmere winter accessories like beanies and scarves make lovely gifts for men – no matter what his style. For the more style-conscious men out there, a cashmere turtleneck will make him thank you forever for the endless softness. Go for subtle or subdued colors like grey, burgundy or off-white to add a little but still being able to pair it with just about anything in his winter wardrobe.

4. Cufflinks

You don’t have to the type of guy to wear suits every day to important business meetings, but even Mark Zuckerberg wears a suit once in a while. Cufflinks are perhaps one of the more cliché gifts of these great Christmas gift ideas for men, but you can make them as unexpected as you want. Find one that represents some kind of inside joke or a memory you have together for a personal gift and some personality to his smart tailoring. Paul Smith has fun quirky cufflinks that are still subtle and stylish. But for more classy ones you’ll find enough here to shop as well.

5. Homewear

Men won’t admit this, but all they really want in life is a pair of slippers and a bathrobe for at home. They may not realize this, but as soon as they get their hands on some snuggle-worthy home wear, there’s no way back to that old ragged tracksuit they wear around the house. Since it’s not something they would splurge on themselves have a look at luxury loungewear from brands like Calvin Klein or pyjamas he can chill in from Polo Ralph Lauren. Bathrobes are the type of luxury he didn’t even know existed, especially when you splurge on brands like Derek Rose or Hugo Boss.

6. A fancy toiletry bag

You know a guy has his things together when he’s got one of those fancy toiletry bags. If he’ still travelling with a plastic zip-lock or the same tooth-paste stained wash bags from his teens, then it’s about time you treat him to a luxurious leather toiletry bag. They’re great to carry his essentials as all those things he needs for grooming abroad. Make sure they’re big enough so you can sneak in perfume and concealer for when they don’t fit in your own toiletry bag…

7. A stylish Tote Bag 

When it comes to bags, giving a backpack, no matter how stylish, is just a bit boring and a leather briefcase feels a bit too old school. Don’t be boring, don’t be old school; surprise him! A chic leather tote bag is something us women very well know, is a true beloved lifesaver. Introduce him to the wonderful world of carrying all your essentials and much, much more. Find one that has an understated design and is crafted from the finest leather, avoiding any flimsy cotton tote bags because he probably has plenty of those lying around for groceries.

Hopefully, you’re bursting with inspiration now that I’ve shared these great gifts for men with you. In the end, it’s all about that extra bit of thought and care you put into his gift, so think about what he’ll really love and wear aka. Not just something you think would make him look way cooler… We can’t control everything (most people would say), but at least we can make him happy with our stylish gift-giving.

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