The Best Tropical Honeymoon Outfits

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 18/12/19, 9:00 am
The Best Tropical Honeymoon Outfits

Honeymoons, honeymoons, there is nothing better than escaping your home country to a romantic getaway to some tropical location. After the stressful time of planning a wedding, ensuring everything goes according to plan and socializing with friends and family, you are ready for some relaxing alone time. 

To make this relaxing time of your life even easier I want to help you with planning your outfits for the trip! It can be overwhelming with all the other wedding celebrations to even think of what you will wear on your honeymoon. So this post, along with the honeymoon packing guide will make this much easier.

Use this post for some outfit inspiration for all types of adventures you will get up to during your honeymoon. 

Tropical Honeymoon Outfits

Beach Day Honeymoon Outfit 

On any tropical honeymoon, you will definitely be going to the beach a few times. Here you will spend some time laying on the sand, swimming in the water and enjoying quality time with your new husband. But, you want to look your best while doing so. Therefore this outfit is for you.

The bright colored one-piece swimsuit is ideal for the beach because it's bold and makes a statement without being too much. Plus, the skirt cover-up is great for keeping the look more modest. Finish this look off with some sandals, a beach bag, and some jewelry and you are set! 

Fancy Dinner Honeymoon Outfit

Time for a fancy dinner for two. On this special night, you want to look and feel amazing, so you can fully enjoy each other's company. Choose a bright colored dress for a fancy dinner to make your husband look twice at your vibrant beauty. Accessorize with black heels and a nude purse to not take any attention away from the dress.

For final accessories try wearing a trendy headband with some jewels or pearls on it, and a bracelet so everyone's eyes are brought to your hands, and ultimately your new wedding ring. 

Adventure Honeymoon Outfit

Some people prefer to just relax on the beach for their entire honeymoon, and some like to go on an adventure together. If you are going on an adventure you need to dress the part. And dressing for an adventure does not mean you have to sacrifice style for practicality. 

Try wearing a pair of sweat shorts and a tank to keep cool in the warm temperatures. Add a pair of trendy sneakers and a rucksack to carry any of your personal items. 

Airplane Honeymoon Outfit

On the airplane travelling to and from your honeymoon, you want to be comfortable. The best way to do so is by wearing a pair of sweatpants with a tank top and a cardigan. You never know if the plane will be too hot or too cold so you want to ensure you are prepared for either. Be sure to also have a small bag for your passport, wallet, and other items! 

Exploring Honeymoon Outfit

On your honeymoon, you will surely want to explore your destination and for this, you need a casual yet cute look. A maxi skirt is a great option for bottoms as it is flowy and they come in a ton of styles. Pair this with a tank top bodysuit, some sandals, a small purse, and dainty gold hoops! And there you have it, the perfect exploration look. 

I hope this helps you prepare for your honeymoon! With these looks, you will without a doubt look good and feel good for all types of honeymoon occasions.

Safe travels! 

Love SamanthaSamantha Hinterbrandner

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