The Perfect Airport Outfits | 3 Travel Styles

By Jasmine Mousavi | Ads Disclosure | 28/01/20, 1:21 pm
The Perfect Airport Outfits | 3 Travel Styles-276

Do you like to travel and are you never really sure how to style yourself for the trip? Keep reading to find out how!

Finding the perfect airport outfit is not always easy. There are several factors that you should take into account - what is the weather like at your current location and what are the temperatures at your destination? It is always a bit cold on a plane, so you should never fly without a sweater, cardigan or jacket. 

More so, the outfit choice must also be comfortable, especially if you are going on a long-haul flight. In this case, being comfortable on a long plane ride is more important than anything.

I'll show you 3 different travel outfits that are comfortable and still let you travel in style! 

1. Sporty spice

When it comes to travel outfits, the usual fashion rules are overridden. Every fashionista knows that she shouldn't normally wear sweatpants outside of her apartment, because as Karl Lagerfeld said so nicely: "If you wear sweatpants, you've lost control of your life". However, you can make an exception here, because traveling can be exhausting, especially if you spend several hours on the road. 

Jogging pants ensure your maximum comfort. If you're sitting on a plane, tight jeans or leggings will be uncomfortable in the long run. With loose-fitting sweatpants, on the other hand, you are comfortable for hours.

Combine the sweatpants with a crop top, a cropped hoodie and sneakers to achieve a cool, sporty look. The hoodie is practical because planes can get quite cold. If you are traveling to a warm place, you can take off your sweater on arrival and reveal your crop top. This way you don't have to sweat until you arrive at the hotel and can change!

As hand luggage, the best choice is a travel bag. With this, you can carry all your essentials and more.

The Perfect Airport Outfits | 3 Travel Styles-276

2. Baby spice

If you prefer a playful, feminine style, this outfit is perfect for you! The palazzo pants are comfortable yet classy and look great in combination with a long-sleeved crop top. YOn the plane you can put on the matching denim jacket if it is too cold for you. 

Again, sneakers are a must-have for this look. In general, sneakers are best for traveling because they are comfortable and take your tired feet well through a long and tiring journey. 

A cute rucksack completes the outfit and ensures that your hand luggage is an absolute eye-catcher!

The Perfect Airport Outfits | 3 Travel Styles-276

3. Posh spice

This outfit combines comfort with elegance and is the right look for everyone who likes it a bit of classiness at the airport. The monochrome full beige look is guaranteed to catch everyone's eyes at the airport! 

The sweatpants are soft and comfortable and harmonize perfectly with a sweater made of light fabric. The matching color blazer keeps you warm on the plane and gives the otherwise casual outfit a sophisticated touch! The espadrilles provide your feet with maximum comfort and the large travel bag ensures that you can store all your most important things - including a few snacks.

 With this outfit, you are perfectly styled on all trips! 

The Perfect Airport Outfits | 3 Travel Styles-276

Get inspired for your perfect airport outfit and be well prepared for your trip! No matter which style you choose, the important thing is that you feel comfortable and are looking for a comfortable and trendy look! 

I wish you safe and stylish travels! 

Love JasmineJasmine Mousavi

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