Retro style for men that is timelessly cool

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 26/02/20, 7:00 am
Retro style for men that is timelessly cool

Looking back on the past and admiring all the fashion hits and misses is something we all do. Every decade has such a different fashion point of view and unique flare. In fact, one of the best ways of distinguishing between different decades is by looking at the clothes they wear. It is great to see people experiment with their clothing and adopt fashion pieces and trends from other decades, which is why a retro style for men is such an amazing style to try out.

The 60's, '70s, 80's, and '90s all have special fashion pieces that are worn today still. If you are interested in decade dressing and adopting a retro style this is the place for you! I will show you how to dress for each of those decades with a modern twist to give you a style no one can compete with. 

Retro Style for Men 

50's Style for men 

In the 1950's fashion styles and trends varied amongst men of different ages and social standings. However, the main styles and trends held true throughout the decade and we could not be more obsessed with them in the present day. Inspiration from the 50s retro style for men has been adopted today and made more modern, but the inspiration holds true!

Essential items of the '50s

  • Suits - Classic one toned suits in brown, dark blue, and charcoal. Worn with or without a tie.
  • Leather jackets - Inspired from the 50's classic Grease. Add a white t-shirt tucked into a pair of jeans and you're set.
  • Cardigans and letter jackets - The classic preppy look for a casual day in the 50s. Styled with a polo neck underneath of course. 

Adopt one or all of these 50's fashion trends into your wardrobe to add a unique flair to your everyday looks. 

Retro style for men that is timelessly cool

60's style for men 

The 1960s marks a time of change in fashion. During this period fashion revolutionized! At the beginning of the 60's men's fashion still revolved around suits and a more elegant and posh dressing style, however, by mid to late 60's the style really started to evolve. From tailored suits to collared sweaters, to bell-bottom trousers and patterned outfits, the '60s was a time fo change.

Near the end of the 1960s, the hippie movement took over along with the legendary Summer of Love. This sparked a fashion revolution of colors, fringe, tie-dye and more. 

Essential items of the '60s 

  • Tie-Dye - Clothing in an assortment of colors and different shapes and designs is called tie-dye. Finding shirts and accessories in this design is a great way to add a 60's flare to your look.
  • Checkered print - Find trousers and tops in checkered prints as a 60's staple item.
  • Bell Bottoms - These are a 60'and 70's must-have that is still a hot item today! 
  • Coloured Sunglass lenses - Getting grovy continued with accessories too. 

Retro style for men that is timelessly cool

70's style for men

The 1970s was a time for self-expression and breaking fashion norms. This was a time where styles ranged from hippie to glam rock to androgenous and beyond. Signaling the group you belonged to was easy because your clothing easily helped distinguished you from the others.

During the '70s men wore bold and eye-catching outfits full of bright colours, and textures like satin, silk, corduroy and suede. It was not a decade to be shy and reserved - which is something we should all adopt into our style. Dress fearlessly and make a statement - always. 

Essential items of the 70s

  • Bell bottom and wide-legged trousers - The ultimate trouser options that look best sitting mid to high waisted and styled with a belt. 
  • Turtlenecks - Turtlenecks were huge in the '70s, mainly as a casual sweater option. In recent days turtlenecks have made a comeback! 
  • Long collared shirts - A collared button-up shirt was essential in every man's wardrobe in the '70s. A few indifferent prints were needed for all the social outings of the times.  
  • Prints, prints and more prints! 

Retro style for men that is timelessly cool

80's style for men 

The 1980s expanded on the trends of the '70s and made them into something all their own. It was a decade of maximalism with bold colors and strong statements. There were a variety of different fashion trends during the 80s like hip hop, workout, preppy, and rock. All these style trends have their own distinct flavour that has shaped the way we dress today.

Essentials items of the '80s:

  • Denim everything - Denim was everything in the 80s and seeing something in a denim jacket and denim jeans was a look. Just make sure the jeans looked as close to dad jeans as possible and you're an 80s icon. 
  • Bomber jackets - A great jacket option in the 80s was a bomber!
  • Bright workout clothing - Workout videos were a hit in the 80s and wearing the brightest and tightest numbers for it was a necessity.
  • Short shorts - The shorter the shorts, the better. 

Retro style for men that is timelessly cool

90's men's style

The 1990s showed a huge switch in fashion from the '80s and went towards more casual and minimalist looks. This decade was the birth of grunge clothing and when oversized, sweet wear inspired clothing became a hit. The style icons of this era were Tupac, Kurt Cobain, and Justin Timberlake - to name a few. 

The styles of the 90s are not that far off from the trends of today and this decade is often looked to by designers for their style inspirations. You may find you dress more like a 90's icon than you think. 

Essential items of the 90s

  • Snapbacks - The classic hat of the 90s which was worn by hip hop artists and was a streetwear staple.
  • Baggy Jeans - No jeans were welcome unless they looked 3 sizes too big for you!
  • Bucket Hats - The best type of hat that is iconic to the 90s, and making a bold comeback today. 
  • Fanny Packs - An essential way to carry your belongings in the 90s. 
Retro style for men that is timelessly cool

Past fashion trends and styles are something we should all be taking inspiration from. The styles from previous decades are always coming back in new and exciting ways - so you never have to say goodbye to a trend for too long. 

If you are looking to experience and try out a retro style for men, use this as inspiration to guide your clothing choices! 

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