5 ways to wear Pantone's color of 2018

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Wednesday 20 December 2017
5 ways to wear Pantone's color of 2018

Pantone has recently announced their color of 2018: Ultra Violet

The color experts make the decision about color of 2018 based on in-depth research about the mood of the current culture. This year, Pantone decided instead of their color of year being representative of the the times,the color of 2018 would be "something that brings hope and an uplifting message," the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute told the New York Times.

Ways to wear Ultra Violet 

If you're looking for ways to capitalise on Pantone's color of 2018 and champion their uplifting message about positivity, Fashiola has some tips about what trends are going to be big in 2018 and how you can wear them!

1. FOOTWEAR: Perfect in purple

The color of 2018 might seem a little summery, but you can definitely get involved with the ultra violet look straight away, in a little more subtle way. You might never have considered a pair of purple shoes, but if you're looking for a statement pair of heels or sandals, lavender is a great feminine touch to your look. 

2. FRINGES: For just a touch of Ultra Violet 

Fringes are a style that boomerang in and out of style a little, but the trend is definitely back for 2018 as the Italian runways were covered in them. There are many ways to wear fringes, in cute accessories, earrings or on a jacket. If you want to be totally on trends for 2018, make sure you get yourself an ultra violet fringe.

3. JUMPSUITS: Biggest trends and color of 2018

Another hot trend for 2018 is jumpsuits or overalls. Jumpsuits are great to have as there are many ways to wear a jumpsuit, perhaps for an evening event or on a summery day - and in lavender this is perfect, as you can dress it up with some gold jewelry  or show off that summer color of 2018!

4. WEDDING SEASON: Latest fashion trends

As wedding season is here and the festivities have started, make sure you're following the latest global trends with the color of 2018. You can make westernwear and traditional Indian clothes work in this beautiful color, and you can bring an additional burst of color to the festivities!

5. ETHNIC WEAR: Ways to wear Ultra Violet 

Bright colors have always featured in Indian clothing, so Pantone's color of 2018 will work marvellously with the range of ethnic wear  available at Fashiola, paired with gold jewelry. So if you're looking for more minimalist Indian clothing but would like something bright, it's a great way to wear Purple! If you're interested in other color trends for Indian clothing, check out the latest fashion in lehenga colors.

These are our favorite ways to wear ultra violet, Pantone's color of 2018!

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