How To Effortlessly Style 2018’s Checkered Shirt

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The tartan print is timeless. It can be worn over and over again, throughout different seasons, combined with the hottest trends and styled in alternate ways to satisfy your personal taste. Without a doubt, I can guess you already own one or two tartan printed fashion items in your closet. For this year’s fall and winter fashion season, the focus is on new dark colored plaid shirts. Leave the light colors behind and select dark navy blue, army green and Bordeaux red. Browns and grays are just as popular and a choice seen notably on the runway. The checkered shirt is one of this season’s essentials, and without one you’re simply missing out.

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Fall/Winter Fashion Must-Haves: Plaid Shirts

With 2018 focusing on the UK’s earthy styles as its main trend direction, woven pieces, tailored and easy silhouettes and textural tweeds are keywords. The checkered shirt fits naturally into this trend forecast, and is promised to be the main piece for our daily wardrobe. Therefore, finding one that’s well-fitted and compliments the rest of your closet is quite essential.

Play with this year’s Scottish romance trend with one of these plaid shirts.

Styling the Checkered Shirt

Taking the UK as inspiration for the coming season, styling the tartan shirt for an effortless look is easy. There are a few outfit ideas you could pick and choose from.

1) All-over pattern: wearing your favourite shirt with a pair of same pattern checkered pants, only need to include a tailored blazer jacket in this pattern and a pair of leather, brown loafers.

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2) Combined with tweed: cable knitted tweed sweater over a tartan printed shirt, did anyone say 1850?

How to Style the Checkered Shirt

3) Clashing tartans: one color plaid for your shirt, another for your checkered pants.

How to Style the Checked Shirt

Of course, styling is always depending on your personal style and it can be very different than someone else’s. So always make sure you’re staying authentic to yourself and your preferences, and that you choose a checkered shirt that compliments your skin tone as well.

Tartan has been and will forever remain timeless, as with a few small changes a new trendy version can be born for a new fall/winter fashion season. Investing in any of this pattern’s items is then always a great idea.

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