SSENSE'S Collection of Shirts for Men

By Nicole Gruss | Styles | Tuesday 30 January 2018

SSENSE'S Collection

Picking shirts for men can sometimes be a mammoth task with so many brands, styles and variations out there. From checked and patterned to tailored and classic, there are plenty to choose from! SSENSE, an international online shop have a great selection of shirts that could fit any occasion you are looking for. Take a look below at some shirts for men trends from SSENSE that will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

SSENSE'S Collection of Shirts for Men

Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts have been around for a while now and never really go out of fashion. Coming in a variety of different colours and branded shirts, SSENSE have many different spins on the plaid shirt. So whether you decide to pair it with a laid back pair of jeans or trousers, the plaid shirt is always a great staple for the wardrobe. 

White Shirts

The classic white men's cotton shirt is a staple in any mans wardrobe. You can style a white shirt with pretty much anything . SSENSE have a variety of branded shirts that all have there own spin on the classic white shirt. Shirts online can sometimes be hard to judge the quality but men's cotton shirts are usually the comfiest and are easy to wear. Try pairing your white shirt with a pair of chinos for a causal everyday look. 

Patterned Shirts

If you like to mix it up a bit and am a big pattern fan the SSENSE have shirts online that include a variety patterns. Try not to wear anything to distracting when styling a patterned shirt so all the attention can be on the shirt. 


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