How to style denim for men

By Gal Dagan | Styles | Tuesday 06 March 2018

In every man's closet you will find denim. It’s comfortable, looks good for any occasion whether fancy or casual and is easy to style. You can wear it every day to work, uni or hanging out with your friends, but you can also wear it for a special celebration (think birthday parties for example). There are so many styles and you can create so many unique outfits with one pair of mens jeans. In this blog, I’ll show you my favorite denim for men items and how you can mix and match these in different outfits.

Some of my personal favorite denim for men items.

Bukser til mænd herretøj

Wear the ripped jeans for men every day.

For an outfit with streetwear vibe, a must is a pair of ripped jeans for men. It can be any style you want it to be, skinny, straight, baggy, as long as it’s got some damage to it. Wondering what to wear every day, or for a night out? Check out my tips for ripped mens jeans:

  • During the day, wear a pair that is as damaged as possible, but at night, try to minimize the amount of rips.

  • Color wise, go black for night and light or somewhat darker blue for during the day.

One of my absolute favorite denim for men items is the denim jacket.

The denim jacket is, in my opinion at least, probably the most versatile piece of denim there is on this world. Wear it with a pair of mens jeans for a denim on denim look, try combining it with a pair of chinos pants or on top of a kurta when the weather is a little chilly. Regardless what you choose to pair it with, this is one must have item for your wardrobe.

So how do I style denim for men?

We’ve discussed the two bare essentials for a men’s denim wardrobe, now it’s time to style them into an outfit! First, we choose the type of occasion we’re styling for; casual or fancy. Personally I love to mix the two together, so you’re ready for whatever the day brings you. Choose your favorite pair of ripped jeans for men, and pay attention to the color. In this case, I go for a dark blue pair. Then, choose a top. I thought it’d be cool to style the jeans with a gray blouse. Then, I picked a denim jacket that was black, so there would be a clear distinction between the top and the bottom. Finally, I finish off the look with a pair of black sneakers. Mix & match with the denim items that you've got for new and unique outfits every single time!

How to style denim for men

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