How To Wear ‘70s: bell bottom jeans & flare pants

By Macarena Quinzaños | Styles | Ads Disclosure | Thursday 02 August 2018

Fashion is going ‘round and ‘round in circles and this time, we’re all about the ‘70s trends. Tie dye, printed shirts and bell bottom jeans lead the way along with colored sunglasses and sporty-chic (today’s athleisure). Incorporating ‘70s style into your daily wardrobe is certainly easy to do; you just need to discover which trend you love best and style it in a modern way (or your outfit will look outdated, and nobody wants that).

One of the biggest trends we see all through any ‘70s themed shows (That ‘70s Show, anyone?), movies, images and it-girls favourites, is the flare pants. These ladies jeans style has resurfaced and honestly, it seems to be staying for good. You know when trends turn styles? This is a prime example.

Okay, truth time. I’m not the biggest fan, never have been, probably never will be. Something about the bootcut is just not my thing. Which is fine, as I’ve said before you can never like all trends and you shouldn’t. Not everything fits you and your style and the most important thing with styling is staying authentic and true to yourself. So, you’ll never see me in a pair of bell bottom jeans.

However, I can imagine I’m in the minority here, so without further ado, here’s my guide to wearing this ladies jeans style, looking great with a wink to the past while remaining in the present.

flare pants

How to Style the Bell Bottom Jeans

It’s not always easy to choose what to wear, right? You wake up and more often than not you’re in a rush, grabbing the first thing you see. But then you change your mind and go back to the closet, having to rethink your outfit in literally, 10 minutes. I know the struggle so very well. Here are some tips to get you going, quickly, stylishly and in ‘70s style.

ladies jeans

Bootcut + 100% jeans look

It cannot get easier: jeans on jeans is always a great look. A pair of bootcut jeans and a denim shirt or top is a cool combo you must try at least once in your life. Trust me, it will not disappoint. Want to update your look for a more modern feel? Choose a jeans with rhinestones, for example, or choose a polka dot pattern for the top.

Patterned ladies jeans + plain white

For the daredevils, the experimenters out there, try a pair of patterned flare pants. To give it a contemporary twist, try with animal prints like leopard, or go all out with a bright color. Sure, it might be overwhelming, but to counteract your crazy pants you can add a white t-shirt or top and a pair of black ankle boots or sandals for a balance.

Or you can choose to go with a safer option, a black pair of trousers. Then definitely add a splash of color to your look and pick printed shirts to go with your pants.

Fashiola’s favourite

I’ve asked my lovely colleagues in the office how they like to wear their flare pants and without a doubt, the real winner is the comfortable option: Fashiola is loving soft velvet, comfy cotton or light satin. What do we wear it with, you ask? A simple white t-shirt is quite a favourite here, but some girls are also loving printed shirts that go with that ‘70s style vibe. With a cardigan and a pair of sneakers you’ve got yourself the perfect Sunday brunch look.

I’m quite sure this ladies jeans style will stay around, so investing in a pair of bell bottom jeans is a right move for those who love the style. If you’re not the biggest fan like me, no worries, there are plenty of other ‘70s style trends you can incorporate into your looks: a-line skirts, ruffled shirts (my favourite!), high waisted pants and skirts, platform shoes.. truly the list goes on and on and on, so each one is sure to find something they love.

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