Styling footwear for kurta pajama

By Gal Dagan | Styles | Tuesday 06 November 2018

Lately more and more women like to mix their Indian heritage with new modern Western styles. We can see it in furniture, interior designs, food and also with clothing. We saw how at the Lakme Fashion Week 2018 gender neutral clothing slowly but surely is gaining popularity in the Indian fashion scene, for example. Mixing something that is beautifully made, with luxurious garments and most importantly, something that shows you are proud of your Indian identity, with new styles, materials and patterns is a delicate skill. It’s all about balancing the colors and textures right to make sure you are still honoring the importance of your ethnic wear. Not too long ago, we talked about kurta designs for ladies, and in this blog we will try to give you tips on how to style footwear for kurta pajama.

Before we go into the different styles and trends, it’s important to realise the occasion you’re dressing for in order to find kurta pajama shoes that will fit best with your kurta pajama for ladies.

kurta pajama shoes

Footwear for kurta pajama

Kurta pajama shoes for a traditional ceremony
If you are invited to a traditional ceremony, your kurta design should be traditional and so should be your footwear. There are a few options of kurta pajama shoes you could go for, it depends on your kurta design which one will fit best:

If your kurta pajama for ladies is simple, made out of cotton, silk or linen, then popular shoes are kohlapuri sandals. The color of these (brown) fit best with the color of the kurta.

Let’s say you choose a fabric that is glittery, you could best go for a brogue or a loafer, in black or white.

Popular shoes for a night out on the town

Planning on wearing your kurta pajama for ladies for a night out? No worries, you can easily choose a pair of modern high heels to go with your traditional kurta design. You can go for classic black, or choose a colour that reoccurs in your kurta or in your pajama, say red, pink or silver.

Footwear for kurta pajama casual style

If there’s no specific occasion you’re wearing it to, just out for brunch with your partner or a dinner at a friends’ place, go for a basic pair of ballerinas. If you want a very western style of popular shoes, experiment with espadrilles. They’re comfortable and stylish, and will mix well with your traditional attire.

There are many options of footwear for kurta pajama available, it is just a matter of trying out different styles, traditional and modern, and figuring out which one flatters you most and which one you like best.

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