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By Gal Dagan | Styles | Wednesday 25 April 2018

One of our favourite colours is red, and one of our favourite items of clothing are dresses, so it was easy for us to decide what to talk about today: our favourite red dresses! With the powerfulness of the colour red, there are plenty of occasions you can wear it to, and plenty of fashion items to style it with. With so many shades of red, there’s for sure one that fits your personal preference and skin tone. Pairing red dresses with white or black accessories makes an eye catching outfit that will make you stand out, wherever you go!

red dresses for women

Our favourite red dresses styles

Red lace dresses

Lace is a very delicate, feminine material that we put on hold for very special occasions. Red lace dresses could be worn to parties (i.e. birthdays), weddings, special dinners or religious ceremonies. Pick one either with a high neck or a lower neck, sleeveless or with off-shoulder sleeves, with some sheer or completely in one fabric.

Accessories to go with red lace dresses:

  • Black leather belts

  • Black platform sandals

  • Minimalist jewellery

Long red dresses

Ohhh, the maxi dress is one of the best options! If you’re loving maxi dresses, long red dresses are on the top of the list. As a petite, you’ll want to wear this kind of dresses over and over and over again, because they just flatter your height and make you seem even taller! If you’re choosing plain long red dresses, do make sure you’re choosing accessories that bring something extra into the mix.

Accessories to go with plain long red dresses:

  • White lace/any other of textured material belts

  • White heeled sandals

  • Statement jewellery

Short red dresses

Mini dresses fit everyone, fortunately! With a few short red dresses in your closet you’re sure to always have something to wear. Whether they’re textured or plain, there’s much to play with when you’re choosing short red dresses. Perhaps you could try a dress with a plain top and a tulle/lace/sheer skirt for a wow effect.

Accessories to go with short red dresses:

There is plenty of choice of red dresses, for every occasion. Simply choose your favourite, pick the accessories that go with it and rock your dress! Let us know in the comments which one you’re going for.

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