Silver metallics: how to wear

By Gal Dagan | Styles | Tuesday 29 May 2018

Silver metallics were introduced to us quite some time ago and if you have a look at your favourite brands and stores, we can see they’ve fully embraced the colour (..? shade?.. is metallics a colour?). Now I must be honest here and tell you it’s not really my thing, you will probably not see me go around in metallics. But hey, you might feel the exact opposite, and so here is some advice on how you should style metallics into your daily looks as well as day-to-night outfits, according to how I would style it if I were ever to be seen in metallics (don’t count on it).

metallic dress

Love silver metallics? Here’s how you wear it

Your daily looks x silver metallics

Incorporate your favourite metallics item into your daily looks by keeping the rest of the look simple and basic. Going for a metallic top for women? A pair of black distressed jeans, black ankle boots or pair of dark blue loafers and a denim jacket will fit perfectly. Perhaps you’re more of a metallic dress kind of girl? Then choose a pair of black or gray ballerinas and a black cardigan to compliment your metallics. Add a few minimalist jewellery pieces and a shopper to your outfit and there you go.

How to wear metallics for your daily looks

Silver metallics during nighttime

For those who love going all out - this one’s for you. Pick one gorgeous, well-fitting metallics dress for the base of your outfit. Then, find a pair of black, blue or red high heels that you love and feel comfortable in. Add a clutch in black, a pair of earrings and some silver bangles and you’re party ready. You might be wondering why I’m advising black all the time for the accessories, well that’s because we want to keep your metallics at the forefront of the look, have that item, whether that’d be a dress or a top, stand out!

How to wear metallics for going out

Day-into-night tips & tricks

If you’re not that enthusiastic about wearing a metallics tops for women or a metallic dress but still would like to experiment with bits and pieces of metallics then I suggest you start with accessories. It’s quite easy to incorporate them into your outfits, as they’re only a small part. Try for example a metallics bag or clutch, or go for a pair of sunglasses. If you dare, you could go a step further with a pair of metallics footwear, like sneakers or ankle boots. Incorporate them into your daily looks with a pair of distressed jeans and a sweater in winter or with a midi skirt and a tank top. Easy!

How to wear metallics tips

Here are our favourite metallics items on Fashiola. Have look and experiment with this colour!

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