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By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 10/12/19, 11:16 am

Each season comes with its own unique trends that catch on like wildfire, and this season is no different. There has been an explosion of hair accessories being worn all year from hair clips to hats to scrunchies, but there is one hair accessory that has been an essential since forever and that is fashion headbands. And they are back in the hot seat of fashion.  

Headbands are classy and fashion-forward hair accessories that we all love. They are the ideal subtle accessory that can complete an entire look. They are also perfect for bad hair days! They have the power to hid any hair problems you may be having, and a bad hair day happens to all of us. 

We should all view our hair like a crown and accessorize and take care of it properly! 

Let's look into the 5 hottest types of fashion headbands that you should be wearing to adopt the simplest accessory, that should be an essential in every woman's wardrobe. 

5 Types of Fashion Headbands you NEED

Pearl Headbands

Pearl headbands are an ultra classy and sophisticated headband look that is super on-trend. A plain headband with pearls added, or a full pearl headband looks almost regal as pearls are such a delicate and pretty detail!

A pearl headband is a perfect hair accessory to add to any look. It can dress up a more casual look of jeans and a t-shirt or can add something unique and high-end to a formal look. The options are endless.

Our favourite way to wear a pearl headband is with a simple black dress and minimal other accessories. We think a pearl headband is the new dangly earrings. A new and exciting statement piece. 

Velvet Headbands

Velvet headbands are a very luxurious looking headband that all the hottest celebrities and influencers are wearing. A classic velvet headband is a hair accessory you can wear anytime any day! And you can find them in various colors and sizes. A dark hue is best for a night time look and a light hue is great for a day time look.

Choose your band size based on how much of a statement you want to make! The wider the more visible, so if you are new to this trend and want to ease your way in, it is best to start with a thin band. 

Style a velvet headband with the same colored velvet blazer for a matching look that will catch everyone's attention. 

The IT Accessory: Headbands

Luxury Detailed Headbands

An emerging headband trend, that is quite different from the others, are luxurious dangly headbands! These headbands are very flashy but in the best way possible. They have long strings of jewels that extend into your hair and around your head that looks magical! It is almost like a crown of jewels. 

If you are looking to try something new for a special event or festival this is the headband for you. Style it with a pair of sparkly heels to match the look in a subtle way.  

Middle Detail Headband

Another headband we are seeing a lot of are ones with detailing in the centre. Here you can find knots and cinched details that draw the attention. This headband is the best casual and daytime ready headband that is perfect for a day on the town or coffee with friends.

You can find this type in various colors, patterned, sizes, and prints so the options are endless! If you choose a patterned one, pair it with a casual t-shirt and jeans so the attention stays on the hair. 

The IT Accessory: Headbands

Headscarf Headband

Headscarfs have always been a fashion item, but they are truly making a comeback this year. They are a cool and hip way to tie your hair back and accessorize yourself. Today's headscarf styles look almost 90's inspired and we are obsessed! 

Whenever there is time to look like a 90s icon we are in, and silk scarf headbands offer the perfect opportunity. This is the best accessory to wear to a festival or if you want to fit in with some street style moguls. 

This IT accessory is not going anywhere, anytime soon! Now that you know all the hottest styles of the season it is time to get on the trend and start incorporating this fashion essential into your daily looks. 

I'm looking forward to seeing all you fashionistas rocking this iconic trend. 

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