Floral print trends for Winter

By Lena Steffen | Trends | Wednesday 13 December 2017

Given that for most of the year, you’re able to wear brightly colored patterns and trends which work perfectly in the summer, it can sometimes be challenging to make these pieces of clothing continue to work in winter’s darker and rainier days. However, this has all changed as we explore this winter’s floral prints trend.

December’s fashion trend: floral prints

You usually associate floral prints with summer, thinking back to those glorious sunny days. However, the floral print trend has taken a dark turn, and has been seen in the winter collections: dark bouquets, graphic prints and mesmerizing rose palettes are actually a perfect fit for cooler days. The flower has reinvented itself and brings a little sweetness to our winter wardrobe. Flower power!


How to adopt the floral print trend

There are two ways to wear the floral print trend. You can either get 100% embrace the trend and choose to wear a jacket, pair of pants or a long dress this winter. However, if going all out isn’t your usual style, you can start out with some floral print accessories. For example, a handbag for a burst of color against a plain coat or a pair of flora print heels with a pair of gray pants. These details can make all the difference.

We experimented with the floral print trends this winter: wearing a floral print dress with a jacket can help it make feel a little less summer-y and works in the winter.

Floral print trends for Winter

You can make the most of your floral print trends this winter by being creative with your pieces and pairing them with some darker colors, to tone down that summer feeling.

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