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By Gal Dagan | Trends | Ads Disclosure | Thursday 12 July 2018

If there’s a trend I love and I’m looking towards it coming around every once and again it must be the monochrome trend. Really, it’s just a way of styling the same shades together, but hey, I’m not complaining!

You get a clean, simple, sophisticated look simply by wearing a blue shaded pair of trousers and a pastel blue shaded top together, or you can choose a monochrome dress instead. Voila, with minimum efforts an effortless chic outfit!

But my favorite colors to style monochrome with are, and forever will be, black and white clothing. There’s just something that creates a unique feeling to a black and white outfit, regardless of what type of clothing you’re opting for. Just think about it: a pair of black trousers and a white top, what could be more elegant? Or perhaps a white monochrome dress styled with a pair of black heels and clutch? There’s really nothing better in my opinion.

monochrome dress

So you’re wondering how to wear monochrome with black and white clothing?

Start with the basics

One of the reasons I love this trend so very much is simply because I do not necessarily need to invest in a new piece to participate. I just go over my closet, pick out the best black and white clothing items I love, and then I start the mix & match party.

Basics include a pair of black trousers, some white clothing items such as a top and a dress, and some gray and brown key pieces such as trousers, skirts and blazers.

My black trousers picks

My favourite white clothing items

My go-to grays and browns

Completing the look

Once you’ve got the basis of your outfit down, you must add some accessories to it. What I do most often is, I add a pop of color into the mix. With the black and white clothing being so dominant, I love bringing some life into it with a pastel shaded accessory.

Have a look at how I styled this monochrome dress below. After finding this black and white dress, I wanted to add a bit of color. So, I choose this blue pastel shaded shoulder bag, which raises spirits without being too much to overpower the dress. Add a pair of minimalist earrings and necklace and a pair of black mules, and your outfit is complete.

Monochrome's back

But if you’re a color lover, here’s another way to style monochrome. Choose your favorite color, I’ve gone with a pastel shade of green/blue-ish. Pick two items that sort of correspond in this color, just in different shades. Add classic, basic footwear and accessories to it to complete the look.

Monochrome's in!

Monochrome is a great trend to have fun with - try out new things & experiment with clothes you already own. Show your monochrome outfit off on Instagram and make sure to tag @fashiola_ to make sure I'll see yours!

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