Popular 2018 Trends: What to Expect

By Sophie Tarif | Trends | Friday 16 February 2018

It has been 2018 for a little while now and with a new year come new resolutions. One of my (perhaps also one of yours) is to go through my wardrobe and be quite strict with what I keep and what I throw away.  There are simply some things I just don't need, and for some reason or other I keep it in my closet. That's it, now is the time! New year, new wardrobe. Luckily for me and for you, there are plenty of new trends coming our way so I'm not worried my closet will stay empty this year. 

So here it goes, Fashiola's advice on 2018 fashion trends that will dominate the fashion world.

Popular 2018 Trends: What to Expect

Fashion trends we will see a lot in 2018

Trousers, trousers and once again... trousers!

We've seen trousers a lot in 2017 and I am very happy to announce this trend will follow us into 2018. There are two main styles of trousers we will see very often:

  • the wide leg trousers
  • the flared trousers

With these two styles, each woman will be able to wear trousers that flatter her figure. What will they look like, you ask? Well, be prepared for a lot of bold patterns and prints, like the checked print and embroidered details. This will also translate to jeans, so invest in a flared or wide legged pair now.  Skinny jeans? What's that again?

Dominating trend: you will see dark denim  everywhere, so make sure you are prepared.

We're going streetwear

A fashion trend we're very excited about - the streetwear style used to be one for daredevils, but not for long. It has found a way into mainstream fashion and luxury fashion houses, so now we're sure it's not going anywhere. Styling streetwear can be tricky, just follow these simple rules: wear it oversize, mix & match with business clothes for contrast and try monochrome looks.

Popular 2018 Trends: What to Expect

Big and colorful: sneakers are a must have

This year, luxury fashion designers decided to play a little with the good old white sneaker we all know and love. In 2018 we're using oversized bows, gum soles and color-blocking to create new kinds of sneakers. Another important point to remember, platforms are in, low sneakers are out

Dominating trend: a little bird told us it's game over for the crisp white sneakers. We're not sure we're 100% on board with this decision.. but we'll let the designers surprise us this year.

Throughout the coming year we'll see a lot of trends coming and leaving, and maybe some of them will stick around for longer than a season or two.  We will keep an eye out for you, and if you check our fashion trends every so often and follow us on Instagram you're sure to stay on trend.

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