Summer fashion: all the must-haves

By Gal Dagan | Trends | Tuesday 20 March 2018

Summer’s back around, and with a new fashion seasons comes a new summer fashion edit, we believe! What trends ruled the runway for summer 2018, what colors, patterns or fits can we expect to show up everywhere, what kind of summer dresses, footwear and other items shall we be wearing all summer long.. these are questions we can imagine you’re asking, and those exact ones we also asked ourselves. Here it is, then, your summer fashion guide for 2018!

Summer fashion: all the must-haves

Summer fashion trends X 2018

Graphic tees for her, graphic tees for him, graphic tees for everyone!

One of the comfiest items we love to wear during summer are t-shirts, and we are sure you love them too. They’re just the easiest casual outfit you can put together for a hot day. This year, we’re loving the graphic tees. Whether it’s a logo, a picture or something else, we love something printed on our tees for 2018. Easy to style with a pair of shorts or a maxi skirt with a pair of flip flops and you’re out the door.

Summer dresses for this year.

Every year there is a new trend on the summer dresses front, and this year we’re all about ice cream colors: hot pink, blue, purple, yellow and red are the colors you will see everyone wear. If you’re leaning into the pastels a little bit more, don’t worry, pastels are always in! It’s all about wearing what you feel comfortable and mostly confident in. Pair your summer dress of choice with a pair of cute sandals, find a shoulder bag and don’t forget a pair of sunglasses!

Footwear candy.

If you’re a sandals lover, you’re sure to be happy about this one. Gladiator sandals are the latest trend around, and we can see why. They’re comfortable, you can go for flats or with a small heel, and you’ll be able to match them with what you decide to wear. Double up on trends by wearing a pair of denim shorts, a graphic tee and gladiator sandals to brunch, or try your favorite summer dresses with the gladiator sandals for a bit more dressed up outfit.

With these hottest 2018 summer fashion trends you’re sure to find key items for your summer wardrobe that are on style. Go through them and find the pieces you’ll love to add to your closet!

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